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Esmeralda County School District

M. Neil Terhune Ed. D. Superintendent, EsCSD

Physical Address:  MM 11 Hwy 264
Dyer, NV 89010

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 129
Dyer, Nevada 89010

Dyer Office 775-572-3250
Dyer Office Fax 775-572-3310

Goldfield Office 775-485-6382
Goldfield Office Fax 775-485-3511

*A translated copy of this document will be made available upon request by calling 775-572-3250. 

* Una copia traducida de este documento estará disponible a pedido llamando al 775-572-3250.

Superintendent Board Report November 2021

General Comments:  Last report I made a point of crediting our subs for helping us through illnesses and accidents. We owe them a lot. With that said it is good that our school is scheduled for some time off over Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving this month. The families and staff need some down time to catch their breath… and get well. As you know we lost Saundra and Bryan. We have experienced serious illnesses that have taken their toll working through whole families. I am not immune either and am recovering from a serious bout of flu. Attendance continues to be a significant challenge for the district.

Teachers/Students:  The following are activities scheduled between now and the next Board meeting.

    Inservice                  ………………………     November 5

    B-ball in Tonopah  ………………………      November 6

    Bryan’s Service in GF ………………….     November 6 (11:00)

    NASB Conference…………………………     November 11-13

    Board meeting……………………………..     November 12 (4:00)

    B Ball Armagosa  ……..…………………..    November 12

    B Ball Battle Mountain …………………    November 19-20

    GF SS Fair and Thanksgiving Dinner… November 23d

    Thanksgiving holiday……………………      November 24- 28

On October 14th we took our PK-5 grades to the Pumpkin Patch for our Primary grades Field Trip. The weather cooperated and it went well.   

Thanks to Ashton Johnson and the Dowers our Basketball season is in full swing. We practice separately and then together as we can work the schedule out. We have come close to winning a couple of games. Thanks to Jim and his staff we hosted a GF home game with Tonopah, and it was a credit to our school. We had a nice gym, great turnout, and concessions. We always play Co-Ed no matter what. Our lady players are one of our greatest strengths. I think Tonopah was desperate not to have a girl team beat them and they eked one out against us. 😊

PLC/Safety Committee

Our monthly PLC/Safety Committee meeting agenda focused on planning and coordination of our Inservice on November 5th. That will entail academic interventions (, admin coordination for our Social Studies Fair on November 24th and an afternoon of Safety Review of our Emergency Operations contingencies. Bruce Kirby will be a part of that as well.

We also covered calendar and ASO specific issues that needed refining.  

Personnel and School Structure

With the support of our Central Office, I will be asking the board to temporarily approve (only to the end of the school Year) another Para position to facilitate the eventual replacement of Veronica’s position in GF MS. As you have been told the transition of administration requires some internal transfers and we need to do this this to secure tenure for one of our staff until we work the hiring out. It will not cost the district more than the approved budget. We will remove it next summer.

District Facilities and Bus Update.

We are undergoing a state bus inspections. Doug will bring you up to speed when we know how we have done. Manny, Brian and Monahan replaced the floor in one of our GF houses. Houses and classrooms have been winterized.


The district is setting aside Academic Recovery Plan (ARP) funds for bonus hiring of bus drivers. We have 6 potential. There will be some bus training on Nov 5th. Doug says that he has also learned that the safe distance mandate for buses has been lifted. This means that once we get the driver(s) we can offer transportation to our student athletes after practice once more.



The next meeting is December 14th in GF at 5:00.  

We will get a report of our semiannual School Business audit at next week’s board meeting. No issues that we know of.

As always, your thoughts and/or prayers are requested for the many who are sick and have lost loved ones.

Thanks for helping your school family do all things in wisdom, order, with foresight and all the while acknowledging with gratitude from whence all blessings come. 😊

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Esmeralda County School District

Goldfield Office:  233 Ramsey, Goldfield, NV 89013

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 129, Dyer, NV 89010

Dyer Central Office:  MM 11 Hwy 264, NV 89010

(775) 572-3310
Esmeralda School District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or gender identity or expression. Esmeralda School District is an equal opportunity employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce and complies with all Federal and Nevada State laws, regulations, and executive orders regarding non-discrimination.
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