Founder & Hiker, William Kirby and his lovely wife Debbee, Safety Support Master
Saturday, October 21, 2017, 5:30 AM
Eagle Road, Fish Lake Valley, Nevada

Joe & Lori Dunn with Delia Scates, 2013
Levi Graf, Brayden Jasmann, Sydney Graf, Sammual Munk, Winifred Sanderson & Brian Sanderson, John Scates - 2013.
Left to right:  Cedric Kirby, Seth Pringle, Sal Simental, Kat Pringle, Theresa Moller-Weir, John Scates, Kile Grandchild, Douglas Kile, Kile Grandchild, Matthew Melendrez, Kile Grandchild, Manny Villa, Deborah Kirby, William Kirby, Daniel Villa, Victoria Villa, Luke Melendrez, Brian Sanderson, Brianna Sanderson; Photographer Winifred Sanderson - October 2015

Left to Right:  Winifred & Brian Sanderson, Founder & Hiker, William Kirby, Kelly Scocia and Mike Anderson
16th Annual Silver Peak or Bust Hike
Hike, Run, or Mountain Bike
Saturday, October 21, 2017, 5:30 AM

Between 14,242’ White Mountain on the West, and 7,800’ McAfee Pass on the East lies Fish Lake Valley (FLV), Nevada and the start of the 16th annual 34 mile one day hike. You will climb 3,000’ from the corner of State Highway 264 and Eagle Road in the first 10 miles as you cross the scenic wilderness of the Silver Peak Mountain range, trekking an additional 24 miles of wild, unpopulated country to the Old School Saloon in the historic mining town of Silver Peak, Nevada, founded 1864.  

Meeting three miles south of the Esmeralda Market (Mile Marker 8, Hwy 264), Dyer, FLV, Nevada at Eagle Road, participants will register between 5:30 A.M. and the start at 6:00 A.M. The course is marked with white flour both at all turns and water drops. A safety net of OHV patrols the course to pick up any stragglers or compromised participants. This safety net provides extra food and water. A map of the entire course is provided, all miles are marked except the last two.  

If you decide to embark on the hike, you are considered a volunteer, you are on your own, and must be physically fit to complete the distance. You may leave your transportation at the Esmeralda Market or at the start. Transportation may be furnished at the finish to return you the 60 miles by highway to your parking area in FLV.  

There is no fee, but T-Shirts may be furnished. They are emblazoned with “16th Annual Silver Peak or Bust 34 Mile Hike” and a mountain background. You may find sponsors if you wish and donations by you to the Esmeralda School District Hike Fund will be accepted at Hike Fund, Esmeralda County School District, P. O. Box 129, Dyer, Nevada 89010.  

The funds cover support for extracurricular activities and school related projects not covered by taxpayer dollars (school and county budgets). To date they have provided funds for SAT and ACT testing not paid for by Tonopah High School, food and lodging for students involved in academic and athletic activities, sweat suits, educational supplies, funds to finish the FLV Gymnasium and developing athletic field, and so on. Participants, local mines, farms, and businesses both donate and sponsor. The funds once donated are under audit by the independent auditors of the school district.  

Hike History: Youngest member to finish the hike was Daniel Villa, Dyer Elementary School 3rd grade, and then again in 4th grade, oldest was Bill Kirby, ECSD School Board Trustee, in 2012 at age 76. John Scates Academic Lead Teacher, ECSD has taken many of his ECSD students over the course for the past seven years.  

Bill Kirby, 3 time Esmeralda County Commissioner and Currently a School Board Trustee in Esmeralda, started the event in 2001 at age 64. The hike took place in July of that year with temperatures at 91f on the top and 105f in Clayton valley the last 11 miles in. Later the start was moved to October for cooler weather. In the past, Governor Sandoval has presented signed certificates to the participants.  
The below picture features former finishers and support having refreshments at the Old School Saloon at the conclusion of the event. Left to right, Winfred (Kirby) Sanderson, Business Manager ECSD, Brian Sanderson, Grefco Mine, Bill Kirby, Trustee ECSD, Kellie Scocia, Support Staff, Mike Anderson, Public Works Supervisor EC. and finisher.