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8 days ago

All members of the Esmeralda County School District Board of Trustees are in the process of completing a minimum of six hours of professional development as required by NRS Chapter 386 (AB451).  
Trisha Hafer

Trisha Hafer

Board President

Carl Brownfield

Carl Brownfield

Vice President

William Kirby

William Kirby


J. Paul Melendrez

J. Paul Melendrez


Fred Hartman

Trinie Johnson


Dr. M. Neil Terhune

James D. Fossett


Winifred Sanderson, Interim District Administrative Assistant
PO Box 129, Dyer, NV 89013
Office 775-485-6382; Fax 775-485-3511

Trisha Hafer:

Carl Brownfield:

William Kirby:

J. Paul Melendrez:

Trinie Johnson:

James D. Fossett:

Melinda Melendrez

By Winifred Sanderson


8 days ago

Esmeralda County School District

James D. Fossett, Superintendent, EsCSD

Physical Address 
Goldfield:  5th & Ramsey, Goldfield, NV 89013
Dyer:  MM 11 Hwy 264, Dyer, NV 89010
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 129
Dyer, Nevada 89010
Goldfield Office 775-485-6382
Goldfield Fax 775-485-3511
Dyer Office 775-572-3250
Dyer Office Fax 775-572-3310

*A translated copy of this document will be made available upon request by calling 775-572-3250. 

* Una copia traducida de este documento estará disponible a pedido llamando al 775-572-3250.

Superintendent’s Board Report for May 2023   

James D. Fossett

General Comments:  

There is a whole lot going on in May!  The district track meet, Graduations, Awards Assemblies, 8th Grade Trip, and Spring Concerts.  To see all the events, go to the link below.

Important Dates:

District Track Meet May 5th        - Dyer (Friday)

Dinosaur Field Trip May 7th Goldfield (Wednesday)

Eighth Grade Trip May 8th-11th   - Monday-Thursday

School Board Meeting May 30th     - Dyer (Tuesday) 

End of the Regular School Year May 24th - Last Day of School for Students

Summer School & STEM Camp June 5th-9th & 14th-16th from 8:00-12:30


Teachers and students are finishing SBAC as I write this board report.  The energy is very positive in the classrooms and even with all the testing going on, teachers are doing enough learning activities and hands on learning, so that there are smiles on students’ faces.

PLC/Safety Committee:  

During our May meeting we will be focusing on a look back at our training activities for the 2022-2023 school year and making sure we build on everything we’ve learned this year as we have greatly increased our work with other county entities (Sheriffs, Fire).

District Facilities and Bus Update:  

The field at Dyer has had standing snow and water in and around it later this year than usual, but trenching, pipe laying, and placement of the tracking ring are all getting done this month!  Our goal now is to get grass and trees in the ground, along with the sprinklers to water them in June.  


We have some changes coming up in the way we work at the district level. The changes will occur in September of 2023.  Some staff will be doing a portion of their work off site, and some of our positions will be filled by virtual staffing.  At present, the outlook is very good for EsCSD, because we are growing in our ability to work as a team, and coming up with new ways to solve old issues.  I’m proud of the incredible people working in our district, the families that lend us the privilege of teaching their children, and the work of the community and the School Board in supporting all these efforts.  It is a great thing to be a part of such a good community!