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5 months ago

Please visit to learn more about learning disabilities. At Esmeralda County School District, we take pride in our special education department. We realize that all students can learn and that many students learn differently. We have diversified instruction and use multiple technologies to accommodate a variety of learning styles. We celebrate multiple intelligence and empower all students to engage in a high level of global thinking and have a track record of best possible student outcomes.

We have an outstanding psychologist who does testing and who serves all three of our campuses. If for any reason you feel that your child needs further evaluation or perhaps could benefit from some type of intervention or special education: please fill out the request information box at the left of this page, or you can call the Director/Teacher of Esmeralda County School District, Vanessa Manning at 775-485-3215 Monday and Wednesday from 7:30 AM to  4:00 PM, at 775-572-3250 Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. 

We offer state of the art direct speech and language therapy through teleconference pathways. Students receive services no matter how remote the location or regardless of weather conditions. We use research based methods to service our students who require this type of therapy to help them communicate and order their language.

Early Childhood Screening for Dyer, Goldfield and Silver Peak. The Esmeralda County School District has the responsibility to locate, assess and identify children ages 3-5 who are not enrolled in any school program and who may have some kind of developmental delay(s). If your child is currently being served through Nevada Early Intervention, please contact us about 90 days prior to your child turning 3 years of age. If you live anywhere within Esmeralda County, contact us to arrange an initial phone pre-screening at (775)485-3215
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