23rd Annual Silver Peak or Bust Hike
Silver Peak or Hike Group 2021



You will meet at the corner of Eagle Road and Highway 264, 3 miles south of the Esmeralda Market and Boonies Restaurant and Bar at 5:30 AM for sign in, the start commencing at 6:00 AM.  Your hike will climb almost 3,000 feet to the top of scenic McAfee Pass East over the Silver Peak Mountain range on your way to the Dunn residence in the historic mining town of Silver Peak, Nevada.  This will be the 23rd year, hikers and their sponsors will donate to Northern Nye and Esmeralda County youth activities not funded by taxpayer dollars.  Contact Bill Kirby at 323-727-6959 for more information.

Although there will be on OHV safety net, maps, water, and a trail marked by while flour, hikers are on their own for the 34 miles over a wilderness trail where no services are available.  Parking your cars at the Esmeralda Market or at the hike start is necessary, but transportation back from the finish is available.  Donations by sponsors and participants can be made to the Esmeralda County School District, P.O. Box 129, Dyer, NV 89010.  This fund is audited.

Funds are used annually to pay for meals and lodging for athletic and academic competitions and other student needs not covered in school budgets.  Over $100,000.00 in donations have been used for student needs where other funding was not available, including a trip to Congress in D.C.

The hike was started in 2001 by former 3 time county commissioner Bill Kirby and current school board trustee.  He completed the distance 13 times until 76 years old.  Bill is a current school board member and he will mark and make water drops the day before the hike and be one of the trail angels for hiker assistance.  Participants can hike, run, or mountain bike.  If fit, one should be able to hike the distance in about 12 hours.

Support from the Esmeralda County Sheriff's Department
Picture of Department

A shout out to the Esmeralda County Sheriff's Department for showing full support of the district staff during safety emergency drills this week. A big Thank You from EsCSD Staff to Sheriff Nick Dondero for making his team available!

Essential Questions - Ashton Johnson

20 days ago

essential question:

What traits do animals need to help them survive? 

A look into predator and prey, what might we find in an owl pellet?

During our owl pellet dissection, we discussed owl anatomy and the unique digestive system owls have. We learned that because owls don’t have teeth they rely on their ventriculus, or gizzard to filter out bones, fur, and feathers that their body cannot digest. Instead, they regurgitate the leftovers which is called an owl pellet. In this discovery students made predictions on what they might find in the pellet. Proceeding the dissection students sorted bones they found into piles and made conclusions on what their owl ate. K-2 even joined in on the fun and dissected one as a class.


Ashton Johnson 
Esmeralda County Schools 

Esmeralda Conservation District - 2022 Poster Contest Winners


Kinder-1st Grade: 1st place - Tennessee Halpin-Saunders, Dyer ES; 2nd place - Armando Arias-Gonzalez, Dyer ES; 3rd place - Leslie Maxine Rains, Dyer ES.

2nd-3rd Grade: 1st place - Jesus Arias, Dyer ES; 2nd place - Thiago Leyva-Ibarra, Dyer ES; 3rd place - Vanessa Jimenez-Carrillo, Dyer ES.

4th-6th Grade: 1st place - Juan Pablo Arias, Dyer ES; 2nd place - Alyssa Torres-Romero, Dyer ES; 3rd place - Omar Arias, Dyer ES.

7th-8th Grade: 1st place - Julissa Jimenez-Carrillo, Dyer MS; 2nd place - Mya Vaughn, Goldfield MS; 3rd place - Michael Abbott, Silver Peak MS.


Kinder-1st Grade: 1st place - Armando Arias-Gonzales, Dyer ES; 2nd place - Tennessee Halpin-Saunders, Dyer ES.

2nd-3rd Grade: 1st place - Thiago Leyva-Ibarra, Dyer ES; 2nd place - Jesus Arias, Dyer ES.

4th-6th Grade: 1st place - Omar Arias, Dyer ES; 2nd place - Juan Arias, Dyer ES.

7th-8th Grade: 2nd place - Julissa Jimenez-Carrillo, Dyer MS; 3rd place - Mya Vaughn, Goldfield MS.

Dyer Athletic Field
Dyer Athletic Field

Transportation Director, Doug Kile is managing the Dyer Athletic Project.