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Esmeralda County School District

M. Neil Terhune Ed. D.
Superintendent, EsCSD

Physical:  MM 11 Hwy 264
Dyer, Nevada 89010

Mailing:  P.O. Box 129
Dyer, Nevada 89010

Dyer Office 775-572-3250
Dyer Office Fax 775-572-3310

Goldfield Office 775-485-6382
Goldfield Office Fax 775-485-3511

Dr. M. Neil Terhune

Please be advised that the District is experiencing intermittent internet connection issues and our VoIP is not working properly.  Please call 775-572-3101 for immediate assistance, Monday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  

*A translated copy of this document will be made available upon request by calling 775-572-3250. 

* Una copia traducida de este documento estará disponible a pedido llamando al 775-572-3250.

Superintendent Board Report November 2020

General Comments:  

We are still COVID free at this point though as pointed out last month we are in the midst of flu season. That has not really affected us fiscally because the state is counting any kind of communication with students during the week at home, on the road or in school as being present. Hot food is very popular. Halloween went well and with very few changes from last year. Thanksgiving is on the 24th in GF and will have some minor adjustments.

Teachers/Students: Parent Teacher Conferences were positive but sporadic and down some from last year.

Third Quarter has begun and we have a full Professional Development Day for Friday. A summary of the scheduled training:

1.    K-5.   NWEA Applying Reports (Lindsay Prendergast MAP Facilitator); MAP Skills Workshop (Dawn Summerfield MAP Facilitator) and PreK-2nd grade teachers Q&A MAP Reading Fluency with Kelli Ship.

2.    Grades 6-8 Staff. Lesson demonstration K12 math (experiential) (40 minutes)-How to plan for and deliver multiple grade levels (share out) (40 minutes)-NWEA teaching MAP skills pre and posttest (Rob)  (40 minutes)-Work on calendar to schedule day for Veronica and Stephanie to switch for a day-K12 semester wrap up & K12 Q. & A. (Josh 30 minutes)

Our monthly PLC/Safety Committee meeting agenda was dedicated to ….safety. See the Safety agenda below.

Safety Update:

A Survey of staff yielded very little interest in the TIES Program offering. TIES is a program developed and administered to facilitate COVID testing and symptoms monitoring through a comprehensive, supportive program to reopen schools. There was some interest in getting tested for a baseline, but that has not been followed up on.

The school sites have conducted practice drills.

District Facilities Update.

Painting, repairing and cleaning at all sites. Teacher housing (4) in GF and SPE need work.

We just received word that the order confirming ownership of the “truck Stop” parcel property has been signed by the Judge. The order has not yet been filed as they are waiting for the affidavit. Hopefully, we will receive a signed and filed copy of the order within the next week or two. Based on NRS it does not appear that we will need an appraisal or anything like it because it is not worth more than $5000. I am confirming this with both our attorney and the Title Company.

Playground equipment has arrived and is staged in Dyer. The construction is almost complete in Dyer. They have started in SPE and we hope to be done by the time of our board meeting. GF to start next week we hope. We have opted to save a couple of playground items from Dyer and GF in case the district wishes to obsolete them and then sell or donate to public community organizations. We are keeping selected pieces that may promote athleticism (chin-up bars for example).

The Athletic Field curb was originally scheduled for October. I followed up with a call and they are tentatively saying early to mid-December now.

They county grant for generators is not available to us. I still think it is a worthy initiative and will put it on our list for a future project.

Also, on the list is 1) the clearing of the lot East of the GF office. Our intent is to move equipment over to the lot, 2) construct a Run/Walk path with exercise stations around the GF school site, 3) Organize, paint and construct improvements to the current Dyer Maintenance shop.

We are currently in the middle of painting the Board Annex sign in GF.


We have completed our annual audit and you will receive Dan’s report at the Board meeting.

As stated in last month’s report; Anabel and I attended a teleconference with the NDE Finance office and received preliminary report for recommendation for funding next year. Our DSA is projected to be around 21K per student which is about the same as the current distribution. It has not been approved by the legislature or the Governor and the state does not know what their revenues will look like next year. For that reason, I find it hard to get too motivated to present the information to you before our December Budget hearing. The purpose of the December Board meeting will be held to make adjustments to this year’s budget; and it will be a good a time to give a summary of what will be discussed at length in Carson City soon next session.

Negotiations: Thanks to Trustee Melendrez who was designated for alternate representative for the board and participated in a brief meeting with both Unions. Ms. Sanderson (HR) and I participated on behalf of Management after consulting with Ms. Guerrero. Briefly, we opted to not make any adjustments to the Salary Schedule. The District did propose to offer a one-time retention incentive.

Once again…Thank you for who you are and for your support of the District. Stay Safe. 😊


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