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Esmeralda County School District

M. Neil Terhune Ed. D.Superintendent, EsCSD

233 Ramsey, P.O. Box 560

Goldfield, Nevada 89013

Goldfield Office:  775-485-6382
Goldfield Fax:  775-485-3511

Dyer Office:  775-572-3250
Dyer Fax:  775-572-3310

Superintendent Board Report December 2019


General Comments:  Everyone is really working to pull our little school family together despite our differences, our health and the School Improvement Curricular Initiatives. Stress is good if it is good stress. Flu continues to take its toll.

Teachers/Students: Our second quarter ends December 20th.

The monthly District PLC was conducted December 10th. It included:

Board Agenda…………Wendy

Safety Committee comments on Safe Rooms, drill protocol and codes.

Other………………Calendar and schedules for end of calendar year activities.

Rachel and our assigned K12.Inc classroom teacher made a productive visit. After convincing Rachel to make appropriate modifications, GF decided to keep the program going next semester.

As reported last month the district Virtual HS is now created and is a part of the NDE data base thanks to Melinda’s hard work. Jeff has reached out to the two SPE students and there is reason to believe that both GF and FLV students will participate to some extent. He briefed the State Superintendent Dr. Jhone Ebert on our progress. We will put information up on the website and send home letters and brochures before the break.

Dr. Ebert visited Dyer on a very cold snowy and blustery day last week. It was her 14th out of 17 Districts for her scheduled “Listening Tour.”  The Central Office staff provided a nice lunch for her and her two assistants.  After introductions she asked us how she could better serve. Anabel talked finance and I asked her to maintain a relationship of collegiality not one of “bossing.” She said that was the only way she knew how to lead.    Kudos for that. She asked our students what she could do for them. Answers varied: less homework, more recess time, new jump ropes, basketballs, computers, a Volleyball court etc. Dr. Ebert reminded me of these things before she left. She encouraged the kids to be teachers when they grow up.  The last thing she did was to give the office staff a hug and say, “You are blessed.”

During the GF Thanksgiving Dinner, the district held its student-led Social Studies (SS) Fair. Ms. Jayne, who is the NDE SS Monitor for the Nevada curriculum rollout, was invited. She gave a very positive report to me personally and then to Dr. Ebert over the phone while on our GF site. The kiddos did a great job of course, but the community dinner may have influenced her judgement as well. 😊

Basketball season is upon us and thankfully John and Val have once again agreed to coach for us. Students from the 5th through 8th grade have signed up. We had a bit of trouble getting the Physicals in on time. We will need to do better next year.

Tina and selected staff did their usual great work at setting up the Book Fair at all sites. The parents that work for the district gave the most support. I always wish that more would attend.

The GF Christmas Program was successfully held on December 11th in the Community Center. Mike Anderson did his usual happy Santa thing.  Jim Fossett, Theresa Moeller and teaching staff pitched in. The students created tears, laughter and a whole lot of applause. My favorite arrangement was “Silent Night” by Destiny (vocal) and Theresa M. (guitar). It is a perfect reminder of the reason for the season.

District Facilities Update.

SPE: Plumbing work and misc.

Goldfield: Snow removal, sheetrock board for the board annex room, teacher housing maintenance, camera plus-ups and misc. 

Dyer: We have purchased a new Conex container for storage for Dyer. Poured concrete for a Safe Room, constructing Maintenance Building Office and misc.

Safe and Orderly school environment.  

Safe Rooms are on schedule.

Ace Fire: We have taken formal action and they have ordered some parts and sent a worker Monday November 18th. Their folks came and did some work with our software issues but are still not completed. If you have forgotten what the is; when we plug the phone into our new system the offices and first responders get frequent automated and unwarranted phone calls for alarm issues that do not exist.  Very alarming of course. Their main boss calls regularly and has said that we are a priority and parts are on order. ☹

Real Estate: You may remember that I sent a letter to the address that the county has on file for the NW property adjacent to our GF school. I was hoping it would be donated to the school. No response.

Personnel. We will be considering applicants for the Para position vacated by Angela.  I hope to have a name for your approval at Tuesday’s Board meeting.

Fortunately for us, Jeff has expressed his willingness to assist in the gradual implementation of student enrollment of the VHS.

Anabel and Melinda are on leave and Wendy with some assistance from Lora is holding the fort down.


As previously mentioned in my last report, Anabel and I will be recommending an updated policy for making online purchases under Fiscal Policies 3680 (Purchasing). I sent it to you last month and you can review it again with your board packet. I receive no additional information to add to what was already offered by Oasis, POOL/PACT, our Auditors or other Districts.

The annual update of the Personnel Policy by POOL/PACT will be offered up at the January Board meeting instead of December.

We have one adverse personnel action to work through.

Finally, this month is the month for making mid-year budget amendments. Anabel will not be present so you will have only me and Wendy. The board received a very thorough and clean Annual Audit report by Dan a few weeks ago. Woohoo! Anabel. 😊  I am assuming you had most if not all your concerns addressed then. Dan continues to say we are in great shape and that this is the time to make needed capital and other purchases if we need them. I will clarify some of the recommended amendments to last May’s budget at the board meeting. They are not a lot and the bottom line for the General Fund at year end is estimated to be the same as the last four years.

For those of you who may have missed Mary’s legislative budget summary or the newly formed Nevada Commission presentation at NASB last month, you really did not miss much at this point. Ms. Johnson and Mr. Brownfield can share if they wish to under the board report section of the agenda. I caught the first 30 minutes and then left during question/answer time.  What we heard was about the law, the structure of the commission, the big issues and their plans. There is no workable information for us at this point, nor was Dr. Ebert helpful on this when she visited. I will keep you posted.

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