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Esmeralda County School District

M. Neil Terhune Ed. D. Superintendent, EsCSD

Physical Address:  MM 11 Hwy 264
Dyer, NV 89010

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 129
Dyer, Nevada 89010

Dyer Office 775-572-3250
Dyer Office Fax 775-572-3310

Goldfield Office 775-485-6382
Goldfield Office Fax 775-485-3511

*A translated copy of this document will be made available upon request by calling 775-572-3250. 

* Una copia traducida de este documento estará disponible a pedido llamando al 775-572-3250.

Superintendent Board Report September 2020

General Comments:  I will have a lot of smiles in this report. School is now in session (three weeks). 😊 Parents have been supportive and there is a sense of normalcy. The students are happy to be back and are behaving well. A few parents are not participating in the “In Person” approach to learning and as we go along the decision to do so vacillates between that and a blended approach. That is fine. Parents should get to choose, and we are ready to support. We had to switch to a larger bus for our HS students.

Our before school parent meetings were not as well attended as I hoped but it appears that we have communicated adequately with the community on the Reopening protocol.

The Open Houses went well and Kudos to Bill Kirby for attending all three. 😊 Jasmine, Veronica, Josh, and I presented the Academic Summary Power Point that was given to the Board last May. It was good to show the growth to our parents.

Teachers/Students: We reported last meeting that we will be using an 80-student count, but it will be more. Closer to 95.

Teacher Prep week was successful. Thanks once again to Paul and POOL/PACT for the Safety and Personnel Training. It was very well received. 😊

We now have four students enrolled in our Virtual HS. Rob is acting as the Director of that program. Our start date for Mr. Ottolino (Counselor) is tentatively the second week of October. We are planning for our first graduate in December. 😊

I will be recommending that the Board approve enrollment variances for a family living in the Apartments in Tonopah. They have been attending Nye schools the last couple of years and wish to continue.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is adequate.

Our Chrome Book and related devices support for student instruction is also adequate at present but due to the increased numbers and the Virtual HS we have ordered more. We are also purchasing PK friendly I-Pads. Oasis has been incredibly supportive.

At our monthly PLC/Safety Committee meeting agenda we reviewed the following. Thanks to Trish for representing the board.

1. Board Agenda and Oasis update 

2. Update if any on the Playground and other Facilities

3. Bussing issues

4. K12 Inc. Issues are still not completely resolved.

5. AAR for our Open House activities

6. Future School Activities under the Pandemic Umbrella?

7. VHS up-date

8. Grade Level PLC updates. (Sandra can be invited but we could also allow Jasmine to represent her.)

9. Adoption of Free Breakfast and Lunch? We need to hold this off to the last so that Lora can join after her bus route around 4:40. 

10. Safety Annexes and Drills (see previous confidential email) 

* Literacy update

District Facilities Update.

Painting, repairing and cleaning at all sites. The Superintendent’s cubby hole (office) at Dyer is complete. It was made to accommodate your superintendent’s hearing disability and to not interfere with the current classroom arrangement.

I spoke with Trish at Rippie Realty again and re-sent all our parcel docs to her on August 25th. No letter yet. I also spoke with the Truck Stop owner in GF (Sam Aroush) and brought him up to speed. Daniel Judd is representing our legal role on behalf of Mike. There is a requirement to advertise the board resolution made in August in the Tonopah Times four weeks before final decision on ownership. Concurrently Wendy has been over to the courthouse and begun the process of compiling a list of school property to finalize their ownership. Once that is completed, we should be able to better facilitate the disposition of school property in the future.

We hope to see playground equipment start arriving in Dyer in a few weeks.

The Athletic Field is curbing is still about 5-6 weeks out.

Doug and I are finalizing ideas on the prepping the adjacent lot next to the GF Office. Boy we have really been using our Backhoe so far. It will be a staging/storage area for busses and vehicles. This will clear out the vehicle parking on the East of our GF playground. With coordination of the County we will construct a modest walk/run trail around the school block complete with four exercise stations.

August Fire drills offered us an opportunity to review the school systems (still some minor glitches).

Doug is doing some initial research on cooling approaches for the GF gym and will report at the board meeting.


I am going to recommend that the Board approve free lunches for the entire school District ASAP. We will present our rationale to the board next Tuesday and answer your questions. In a nutshell we are in a much better place (fiscally) to do this for the next four years. We may have to buy additional kitchen equipment. A big shout out to Lora Penson for reviving this idea after losing it for almost two decades. If I am to keep my promise “to be the best Superintendent you have ever had”, it will be due to her and our other exceptional staff. May I say again how much the District owes to the behind the scenes hard work of our Ladies in Central office. We are truly blessed to have them. 😊

When last I spoke, I told you that you would not need to approve the Functional Annexes (sent to us by Jeff Kaye) to our Safety Ops Policies. I changed my mind. You will be asked to approve them at this meeting and then we will have Trish, the County and myself sign each one. I did send them to you digitally last month and I hope that you have taken the time to review.

Personnel Policy updates were sent to us by POOL/PACT and they have been reviewed by the Policy Committee (thanks again to Trish). We are holding on to the Title IX policy until the October meeting. The only significant changes this year is the addition of an ELL Policy (thank you Linda) and the Teleworking Policy and AR. You will be asked to approve them.

I have attached the most recent minutes from the State Board of Ed meeting and a summary from Mary P. on the latest Special Legislature Session. You were already emailed Deb Oliver reports.

Still no reportable news on how the Funding Model will impact our District.

My schedule will normally have me at GF twice a week and then our regular District work session the Tuesday before our Board meetings. I am only available by cell in my Dyer office but also by Land Line at GF. I still attend NASS in person ever other meeting somewhere in Nevada. The GF office is manned every day starting at 7:30 Am until 4:00 PM as a minimum. There are occasional exceptions but at those times the Dyer office is open to address concerns. This allows for parents to visit the office before and after school if they wish. The Dyer Office is still maintained the same. I am also available by appointment.

Once again…Thank you for who you are and for your support of the District. Stay Safe. 😊


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