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Esmeralda County School District

M. Neil Terhune Ed. D.Superintendent, EsCSD

233 Ramsey, P.O. Box 560

Goldfield, Nevada 89013

Goldfield Office:  775-485-6382
Goldfield Fax:  775-485-3511

Dyer Office:  775-572-3250
Dyer Fax:  775-572-3310

Superintendent Board Report August 2019

General Comments:  August is our month to focus on the upcoming year and closing up major maintenance summer projects. A lot of effort is being expended by all staff. All the teachers have spent a significant amount of time preparing for their students. This was especially true of the Kile family’s contribution to our Summer School. Rob and Josh have also been working hard on our Science Curriculum. I could also call out Jeff Higgins, Jim Fossett, Tina and many more. Our teachers are truly dedicated. Of significance this year is the commitment of our Maintenance and bus staff over the summer. We also hired part time maintenance help. A great deal has been and will be accomplished by the start of school.  There aren’t words to describe the effort.

Teachers/Students:  Our current student interventions are designed to provide learning opportunities for student to increase the degree of improvement from Spring to Spring each year. They will continue to be measured and compared against themselves.

The interventions that the district is applying to our stated purpose includes but is not limited to the following: a District Level Literacy Specialist, a full time and qualified Counselor, an additional Highly Qualified and proven teacher, new teaching staff with proven credentials to replace resignations, the availability of a nationally acclaimed and accredited K8 (K12 Inc.) Virtual Curriculum as a teacher resource, NDE School Improvement Assistance, Performance Pay, Increased Technology, Teacher Professional Development and our continued support for STEM projects.

As mentioned in my last report our district applied for Distance Ed with three components; 1) EsCSD Virtual Delivery with K12 Inc. for selected EsCSD K-8 students, 2) a Virtual HS for EsCSD using K12 Inc. and 3) a Virtual Delivery that would be available for out of District students as well. The first two are approved and  I will keep you apprised of our enrollment in each.

Reference the third request, the district’s interpretation of SB 441 is at odds with the NDE when it comes to delivery to out of district students full time. We have appealed the restriction and lost. I am considering the advantages and disadvantages for our district if we offer service almost part time (example 5/6 course enrollment).

Our district enrollment should come in at the mid-70s again.

District Facilities Update.

SPE Current Phase: All doors have been upgraded, the library maintenance is complete, steps have been replaced all the way around, skirting on the storage trailer is complete, flooring replaced in selected areas, the school exterior has been repainted and selected interior painting completed. The SPE roofs will be completed week after next. Cameras are going in this week.

Goldfield Current Phase: The board annex room is still on hold while the maintenance staff focus on other priorities. New roofing on the board room annex, gym and bus barn is complete. Leak in Gym has been repaired (siding replaced). The school exterior is currently being painted. Some interior painting has been completed.

Dyer: Current Phase: Priority has been to classroom and teacher housing. Roofs are complete including the maintenance shed. Stem Lab is ready for use. There has been quite a bit of exterior painting completed.

In reference to the Multi-Purpose building construction, we had been waiting for construction material to arrive and for Valley Electric to decide on the underground power that runs in that area. We discovered that except for a small area on the NE corner, the slab is free of electric conduit. We placed flex material around it and  poured the concrete. There is water line about 18 inches under. Unless we received bad concrete, it should be OK.  Nevada Construction was our supplier and the only one locally available. Slump tests by Mike’s crew were allegedly completed to standard. I specifically asked for that but did not personally observe.  The Multi-Purpose building itself is scheduled for completion this week. We saved several thousand dollars by completing this project with our permanent and part time help.

We moved the Dyer Central office to John’s old classroom. This places Central Office in closer proximity to the scheduled pedestrian gate at the entrance offering better control of visitors. This was a Dyer staff vision and includes a parking area outside and adjacent (North) of  the Vehicle gate  and a paved stone walkway to the newly moved front office. Staff parking inside and visitors a short distance outside. Classrooms for grades 5-6 and grades 7-8 will be held in the building where the Central office was. 

Teacher Housing.  As part of increasing our recruitment and retention incentives, each house has a storage shed (we purchased three) except for Jesse’s old place. Each has a fence (we constructed two more) and each has school internet. We have painted exterior and interior housing and improved the steps and decks where needed. The small house that the district bought last Spring is being used by our GF K-2 Ms. Vessel’s now. My intent is to move Jesse’s old place to the Dyer school grounds.

Safe and Orderly school environment.  The district will have four reps at our annual Safety Conference. We have Jeff Kay’s office assisting us with training on our Emergency Operations Plan the first week of school. Curtis is full time on his personal  business now and Bruce Kirby has replaced  him. Jeff is also assisting us with Grant Apps for additional Physical Security.

Ace Fire:  No change. Their business office attempted to get final payout, but it will continue to be withheld until Mike makes his final punch list visit. His initial promise was to be back within a couple of weeks (three months ago).

Real Estate:  No change. I put in a call to Ralph and then a subsequent email to all three players (Gloria, Cow county and Ralph) to determine the status about the property. He replied that he was serious and was working on signatures that Gloria (our Broker) had sent for him.

Personnel. We lost Angela and are currently advertising to replace her. Theresa as GF 3-5 will be evaluated and supervised by Jim Fossett who is out of the NYE County Administration. He is a pretty sharp guy with far better diplomacy skills than I have.


We are putting off our second review of the Communication policy series until September/October. 

We are still planning to set aside our Fall NASB conference board meeting for a fiscal update. I will work to get someone (Dan or someone equivalent) to present for us. This would give us some time to address short and long-term strategies that may mitigate some of the issues we will have when the changes go into effect.

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