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Meet the Board Members

6 months ago

All members of the Esmeralda County School District Board of Trustees are in the process of completing a minimum of six hours of professional development as required by NRS Chapter 386 (AB451).  
Trisha Hafer

Trisha Hafer

Board President

Carl Brownfield

Carl Brownfield

Vice President

William Kirby

William Kirby


J. Paul Melendrez

J. Paul Melendrez


Fred Hartman

Trinie Johnson


Dr. M. Neil Terhune

Dr. M. Neil Terhune


Melinda Melendrez, District Administrative Assistant
PO Box 560, Goldfield, NV 89010
Office 775-485-6382; Fax 775-485-3511

Trisha Hafer:

Carl Brownfield:

William Kirby:

J. Paul Melendrez:

Trinie Johnson:

Dr. M. Neil Terhune:

Melinda Melendrez

By Melinda Melendrez

Public Notices


5 days ago

Esmeralda County School District

M. Neil Terhune Ed. D.Superintendent, EsCSD

233 Ramsey, P.O. Box 560

Goldfield, Nevada 89013

Goldfield Office:  775-485-6382
Goldfield Fax:  775-485-3511

Dyer Office:  775-572-3250
Dyer Fax:  775-572-3310

Superintendent Board Report September 2019

General Comments:  School start-up went well enough with a few minor adjustments for new staff, leadership changes at both schools, reorganization of duties and the integration of the K12. Inc. curriculum. A very good job by the Dyer and GF staff for their Open Houses. They were well attended, and the morale was positive and friendly. Silver Peak is scheduled for this coming Thursday at 6.

Teachers/Students: The K12 Inc. rollout has presented the expected and a few unexpected challenges associated with adding what amounts to new curriculum, a new pedagogical approach and the use of technology in a more robust way. One of many advantages to using K12 is that students will be given greater opportunity to look for answers independent of their teacher…. before having it handed to them. This is a life skill that is becoming increasingly important in the 21st Century HS and Higher Education. It will be painful at first but all things worthwhile are. I am convinced that we could not have better people for this implementation than the ones we currently have. All GF 3-8 and Dyer 5-8 are using K12 Inc. either blended or full time for our core.

The district Virtual HS is now created and is a part of the NDE data base thanks to Melinda’s hard work. We have not begun actively recruiting for it yet. I am working through some ideas on that for next semester.

Fall MAP testing is currently underway. I have asked Tina to take on this additional duty with Patty’s assistance.

Our Counselor has been super busy addressing the same challenges us big people are faced with adjusting to each other. A lot of kiddo drama that comes with growing up. Jeff is greatly appreciated by the staff. He has also helped as a go-between when some of our parents and staff have communication issues. Jim and Jeff are our super duo in GF.           


Rob and company have been diligent in maintaining the Computer Science Grant that we embraced a year ago. He has applied for the year two resources (Training and Tech) that come with it. In addition, he also submitted Financial Literacy Grant.

FYI update: As mentioned in my last two reports our district applied for Distance Ed with a Virtual Delivery that would be available for out of District students as well as our own.  The district’s interpretation of SB 441 is at odds with the NDE when it comes to delivery to out of district students full time. We appealed the restriction and it was rejected.  However, the Legislative Chief Deputy counsel sided with the district last week, after Assemblywoman Hansen and Senator Hansen asked for an interpretation. Mike sent their interpretation to NDE and asked then to reconsider for the second time.

We have added two more Special Needs students to our GF population and are running about 25% compared to the state average of around 15%. Some of our students are several grades behind. In addition, we have other students who are significantly at-risk for learning. As a result, I have added Veronica Hooten as a temporary full-time para there. The district received additional state SPED funding this year that will cover most of the cost. 

District Facilities Update.

FYI: We were notified by one parent and county staff that a charter school had closed in Carson City and that Judy Gates at State/Fed surplus was willing to open their gates for rural Title I schools before the general public. We went up last week and this week to retrieve what we could to upgrade furniture, Chromebooks and Charging Carts. Doug was able to get some basic equipment for the new Dyer Multipurpose Building and we even found a bus (2K) that had hydraulic brakes for the superintendent to help driving (as a last resort). 😊

SPE Current Phase: Cameras and another gate currently being added. Goldfield: The board annex room is still on hold while the maintenance staff focus on other priorities. Cameras and disposition of state surplus at present.

Dyer: Current Phase: The Multi-purpose building is complete. An additional pedestrian gate and the cameras are complete.  Grades 5-8 classrooms are up and running.  We are considering how to create some additional storage space for Dyer.

I am hoping to consult with Bill Kirby and Doug on a plan to go forward on our track this year. We may end up with Blue Collar version of the real thing……Drainage, Curbs, Astroturf, Parking and Gravel; for a start anyway.

Safe and Orderly school environment.

The district will have four reps at our annual Safety Conference. We had some pretty good staff safety training by Jeff Kay’s office (Emergency Ops) and by Paul Melendrez (First Aid) during our first week. I thank them both.  In addition, our District Safety Committee met on September to go over the status of our Action Plans.

Wendy and I submitted a Safe Schools Grant on a previously discussed approach in Dyer for a total of 119K which has been approved. We are also looking at another couple of grants to replace playground equipment.

Ace Fire: Mike and crew came down September 3d and for all intensive purpose have finished up with their contract. There are a couple of minor items that they will need to order but it does not affect the alarm or notification to our offices and first responders.

Real Estate: The 5 acres east of town has an escrow check of 28K deposited with COW County Title. The sale should be final shortly.

Personnel. We have received applications and interviewed applicants for the vacated custodial/food service position (Angela) and will be asking the board to approve Sherry Huffman of GF for the job.

As previously mentioned, Veronica will assist GF as a Para.


The “Community” policy series has been reviewed for your approval. Thanks again to Trish for helping. A couple more reviews and we will have completed two strong annual reviews of all policies. With a few required exceptions we will take a break from it next year.

Our finalized Fall NASB conference board meeting is waiting only for their schedule to be finalized. I believe it will be November 22 at 7:00 PM. Mary will present to us on budget legislation.

At the NASS meeting this month we were informed of the members that comprise the Funding Commission (Dave Jensen represents NASS) and told that they are scheduled for a meeting in September. We are hoping to see a timeline for the finalization of the funding formula. The per pupil amount is not known for large and small schools and thus the fiscal impact cannot be determined. I am told minutes will be kept at their meetings and I will forward them to you. Mary may know more for our November Board meeting.