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The Esmeralda County School District understands the importance of students gaining technology skills to succeed in today’s economy. Therefore, a variety of technological tools are used in Esmeralda County classrooms every day. Each classroom has an interactive white board, MOBI, ELMO, HD flip camera, infrared classroom response system, and full T-1 internet access. Students use computers on a daily basis to enhance their learning experience. In addition to the myriad of on-line programs available, students use networked computer programs including SuccessMaker Reading, SuccessMaker Math, Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, Math Facts in a Flash, Star Reading, and Star Math.

District personnel are currently participating in the Nevada Pathway Project, a two-year professional development program focusing on technology skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.[1] This state-wide technology training project focuses on recognizing and addressing the needs of today’s students for their success in the future. Thanks to the Pathway Project, staff and students at Silver Peak Elementary all received Apple iPads and iPod Touches to use on a daily basis. iPads and iPods greatly enhance the students’ learning experience. These tools allow students to be creative in ways never before possible. Students can take virtual “tours” of places they learn about such as the Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, and nearly anywhere the mind can imagine. This is a great asset for a geographically isolated district.

The future looks bright for Esmeralda County students, as plans are in the works to get iPads and iPod Touches into the hands of every student in the district!

Because our district is so geographically spread out, technology is also used among district staff to help close the physical distance between the district staff. Each school has video conferencing capabilities to facilitate inter-district meetings as well as training sessions on the State and university level. Every staff member has a video camera at a personal computer station with Skype capabilities that are utilized daily.  

All in all, the Esmeralda County School District is one of the most technologically advanced school districts in the nation.

[1] To read more about the Nevada Pathway Project, please visit

2010-2013 Technology Plan

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