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Expand my mind, never give up!
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Math is life and is everywhere...we discover math in many ways
Reading is a world unto itself...and it's sharing
Student Council - students taking charge of their futures
Exploration...we are all scientists...
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Breaks are very important to student performance...
Please visit the beauty of Silver Peak
We are a K-8 school that prepares students for high school and beyond:
  • rigorous foundational learning
  • blended learning
  • project-based learning

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Annual Spring Fundraiser
Spring 2016 @ 6:30pm
Featuring a feast & desserts

Please join us for our annual fundraiser at the Silver Peak Community Center - delivery also available!

Funds go toward student projects, a new workstation, and fun trips!
Date Event
03/01/16 Family Engagement Night
03/10/16 Summary - Informational Essays due
03/10/16 End of 3rd Quarter
05/16/16 Spring Performance and Awards night
05/16/16 K and 8th Grades Graduation
First Annual Fall Fundraiser
November 5, 2015
Bingo @ 5pm
Make your own sandwich @ 6:30pm
Featuring desserts too!

Please join us for our first annual fall fundraiser at the Silver Peak Community Center
Projects 2015-16 (links not active)
District Motto:
  • R: Responsibility
  • A: Accountability
  • I:   Integrity
  • L: Leadership