District Office
P.O. Box 560 
Goldfield, NV  89013
​Main Office:  775-485-6382
Fax:  775-485-3511

Financial Office
P.O. Box 129
Dyer, Nevada 89010
Financial Office:  775-572-3250
Fax:  775-572-3310
The following is a list of items for sale:
No items currently for sale
To submit a bid, please fill out the information below including Name, Email, Phone and in the Request section please include Bid Item Number, Bid Item Description, Amount of Bid.    
The District will receive bids at the Esmeralda County School District Financial Office by this form, via email at, by mail  to PO Box 129, Dyer, Nevada 89010, by delivery to Mile Marker 11, Highway 264, Dyer, Nevada 89010, or by fax at 775-572-3310.  Only bids received by the individual deadline for the item will be considered.  Bids must be marked with the Item Number, Description and Bid Amount.  The successful bidder has five working days after notification of the award to provide deposit in the form of a cashier's check to the School District equal to 20% of the bid amount and an additional 10 days to complete the final payment.  In the event payment deadline for the deposit is not met, the next highest bidder shall be awarded the bid.  In the event final payment is not made on or before the deadline date, the successful bidder shall forfeit his 20% down payment and the next successful bidder shall be awarded the bid.  The unsecured property shall be removed from the site no later than the final payment deadline.  The successful bidder is responsible for all costs incurred in moving the property to its new location.  In the event an amount equal to or in excess to the minimum bid is not received, the offer of bid is revoked.  Anyone who submits a bid and who desires to file a notice of protest regarding the awarding of a bid must do so within five days from the date of the award.  Untimely protests will be dismissed.  Questions regarding this notice should be directed to Rodriguez F. Broadnax, Superintendent at 775-485-6382 or Winifred L. Sanderson, Business Manager at 775-572-3250.