During the winter of 2010/2011 The Esmeralda County School District had a 50Kw solar array installed on the Grounds of Goldfield Elementary School. In April 2011 the array was put in to operation. The contractor for this Project is Hamilton Solar, 8985 Doubletree Parkway, Building B suite #5, Reno Nevada 89512. www.hamiltonsolaenv.com .

The subcontractor, Carrier Corporation 1211 Woodlands Ave. Ste 180 Reno Nevada 89523. Installed classroom heaters/Air conditioners and a state of the art control system. www.carrier.utc.com 

The school district is also planning a large scale insulation program with new windows, Doors, and building insulation as needed.

This project Has a potential of saving the School District up to $1500.00 Dollars a year.  

Goldfield Solar Array information can be viewed here:    ​