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Dr. M. Neil Terhune, Superintendent

12 days ago

Esmeralda County School District

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Goldfield, Nevada 89013

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Dr. M. Neil Terhune

Superintendent News

Fall Superintendent Report

October 9th was the day before the last board meeting and the Silver Peak annual fundraiser was held at the SP community center. Great turnout!  You would not think that that over 100 folks would support six students. They love their school; and Ms. Valentine’s lasagna. 😊 The kids did a great job with the auction.

October 21st  was the day set aside by for our annual Silver Peak Hike. I did take up the challenge and completed the entire 34 miles in 14 plus hours. I will not do it again. It was only on my bucket list once. Bill Kirby tried to tutor me in a more efficient pace, but I am too old a dog for new tricks. More importantly nine-year old Delia Scates finished it for the first time. All the donations go to our kids and Bill Kirby deserves a lot of credit for the vision and execution of this annual event. 

October 27 was our annual fundraiser Goldfield Fall Harvest. Very spooky for our little ones and a great haunted classroom for our haunted town. Frito Pies and chili Dogs were the main fare. I really appreciate the volunteerism of parents and community. They practically ran the whole thing. Not surprisingly Dyer community was there in force demonstrating once again that despite the distance we are truly one district.

October 28 was the Fish Lake Valley annual fundraiser. I am told that it offers school support as well as Christmas for all our community children. I was impressed with the generosity of the group. Good food also.

October 31st was a school day partially devoted to “mining” for candy. All three schools held some form of trick or treat Halloween activity that day. I participated in Goldfield and Mrs. Terhune in Silver Peak. The community once again was generous.

In addition to the above, we have been busy with several professional activities this last month. Some of those included: Safety Conference in San Diego for Paul and Melinda Melendrez, the Superintendent NASS Meeting, a meeting with the Regional Professional Development folks out of Vegas, our monthly Professional Learning Community Team meeting, our Professional Development day, a meeting with the governor’s E-Rate cabinet for rural tech support, the Nevada Association of School Administrators (NASA) fall conference in Vegas and the start of negotiations this fall.

The staff did look closely at student reading and math data during our training on November 3d. We also reviewed the dyslexia screening results. Dyer has the most need. There was considerable talk for the need of a full-time Literacy Specialist to meet the unfunded legislative requirements for the “Read by Three” and the “Dyslexia” laws. 

Attendance is holding steady and the district is halfway through its second quarter.

Ms. Miramontes K-2 class gave me permission to spend about 1 ½ hours with them presenting on Ecology, Butterflies, Math and Origami. It was fun, and the students were very attentive.

The second iteration of MAP testing will be conducted in January. This will offer the teachers an opportunity to present the comparison of the Fall (baseline) MAP results against the January results. 

Thanks to all our veterans this Veterans Day and a blessed Thanksgiving. 

Dr. M. Neil Terhune is the first Superintendent to complete the 34 Mile Silver Peak or Bust Hike.  This is a picture of Dr. Terhune completing the hike and saluting all Hikers, Trail Angels and Supporters for a job well done.  

Dr. M. Neil Terhune, Superintendent
Mission & Vision Statements
The Esmeralda County School Board, Teachers, Administrators, and School Staff believe that every student can learn and achieve. It is the purpose of the school board, teachers, administrators, and staff, with the support of parents/guardians, to teach, guide, and assist students toward acquiring skills in academic, occupational, and social areas. These skills are essential for ensuring success and making positive contributions to society.

Vision: “To educate our students so they have an opportunity to be productive members of society.”